Industrial Usage
IndustrialSafety Management Supervision, Security Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Drones are widely utilized in various industrial settings to enhance efficiency and safety. They play a crucial role in monitoring safety conditions at industrial sites, identifying potential hazards, and inspecting elevated or hazardous areas, all of which contribute to ensuring the safety of workers. In this way, drones are employed in various aspects of industrial operations, including efficiency, safety, and site management, and they contribute to the success and productivity of these operations.

Drone StationAutomation Operation, Battery Charging and Management, Automatic Take-off and Landing

A drone station is a core infrastructure that supports the operation of industrial drones. The station is responsible for drone charging, automatic take-off and landing, and data communication, enabling automated workflow processes. Drones automatically return to the station for recharging or battery replacement after completing their missions, allowing for continuous operations.