Intelligent Station for Drone Automation

Intelligent Station




Vololand turns your dreams into reality.
  • Small Station
    It supports the drone's repetitive automated missions by changing the battery.
  • Medium & Large Station
    It supports various drones through contact charging and includes features such as overcharge prevention and precise landing support.
  • Delivery Drone
    It can carry a maximum payload of 50kg and automatically detects the payload to apply suitable PID values for the flight.
  • Tethered Drone
    It can supply up to 9kW of power, making it possible to operate heavy drones via wired connection.
  • Automatic tension adjuster
    An automatic cable unwinding and winding device for Tethered Drones that automatically maintains and winds the tension even without power.
  • Smart Battery
    The battery's basic BMS functions and additionally, battery status information are continuously sent to check the battery's condition during flight.
  • Charger
    It is a smart battery charger that consists of 5 channels and can charge 5 batteries simultaneously, with prevent overcharging and communication control.
  • FC
    It is a FC developed by VOLOLAND that uses high-performance sensors to assist in stable flight.
  • Edge Computer
    Edge computer use high-performance GPUs to output various voltages on their own, freeing up additional interfaces.
VOLOLAND's outstanding technology enables
safer and more efficient drone operations.
  • Automatic Charging
    For unmanned drone operations, repetitive automatic mission flights are possible through battery automatic charging and replacement functions.
  • Precise Landing
    Through precision landing guidance, the drone always lands accurately and stably on the station.
  • Various Drones Compatible
    It can be customized fixed or mobile to be compatible with a wide range of drones.
  • Non-powered Tension Regulator
    Power is not used for tension adjustment, so even if the power is cut, tension adjustment and wire are automatically wound.
  • Wired Power Supply Technology
    It stably supplies power from 6kW to 9kW to drones.
  • Circuit Design
    We design and manufacture circuits for FC, Edge Computer, Smart Battery, and more.


It can be applied to various fields.
  • Public Institution

  • Drone Station

  • Future Air Mobility